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Subject: Big hairy woman.
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auntieh 20.08.10 - 01:36am
Im 51 and 21 stone but have excess hair from b*m to ankle. There maybe plenty of gals like this who need loving too. not interested in s*x for fun but a relationship. Is this possible do u think? *

auntieh 29.08.10 - 03:20pm
Is it that bad that u cant make a reply after reading? Go on. . . Dare u to say something! Are ya chicken?!?!? Lmao *

stig6969 10.09.10 - 07:52pm
im sure there is someone out there for everyone x *

auntieh 25.09.10 - 01:37am
Thank you *

archie46 27.09.10 - 12:35pm
it doesnt matter wots on the outside..its wots inside wot counts..i think all women are beautiful and i believe there is someone for everyone... *

auntieh 28.09.10 - 01:09pm
I just want one im not greedy lol *

nana_k 2.02.11 - 05:25am
hair is part of us, in my culture we cherish hairy ppl. u wil find ur heart desire. much love. x *

rcj66 7.03.11 - 09:57am
i find hairy ladies s**y. so just have it kept short if ur de long type *

rcj66 7.03.11 - 10:24am
wats ? *

royaleag 18.08.11 - 03:02am
Hi beby ur post in ths group truned me on it mad me cream my fatest plz accept my bud f u wana to see its pic whil i cream it *

paul448 12.10.11 - 09:19am
There is nothing wrong wiv hairy ladies, its the personality that counts and the niceness, it all leads into a woman being s*xy. *

shy67 9.01.12 - 02:54am
Its perfectly ok 2 be hairy *

reebok69 22.10.12 - 09:35pm
i love bog hairy women i would meet and hav fun if they like to c*m and message me if u dare and get to know me more if u dare lol xx *

jogikaur 4.11.12 - 06:52pm
I am hairy too.
Help me please. *

varunsl 5.11.12 - 06:45am
lol jogi *

unclejim 30.11.13 - 01:10pm
Uncle wants you Auntie x *

seeksbbw 12.12.13 - 04:28am
I love some natural hair *

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